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Post  Fulic ap on Tue Feb 10, 2009 8:38 pm

Real Name:karlgunnar
Age: 17
At what hours are you available for raiding: i can raid anytime

Character Information
Character name:fulic
Character Class/Spec:0/41/30
Played Time:71 days
Professions: Mining JC
Secondary Skills:
Armory link:
Previous Guild(s): final call
Why did you leave your previous guild? i dont like the guild leader and i like's umm leader

Raiding Information
What was the last Boss you killed in progress? kel'thuzad 10 man
How would you feel if you wiped for 2 hours in a row while progressing? i want to kill the boss then
What raiding experience do you have? i have cleared naxx 10 naxx 25 and i know tacs on malygos
How would you describe yourself as a player in three words? i like turtles
Where do you feel you can improve the most when it comes to raiding?

Miscellaneous information
Why do you want to join UMM? i like umm
What do you expect out of UMM? good raids
Do you know anyone in UMM, if so who? no
Alts and what guild they belong to:
Have you read & do you agree with our rules? yes
Short presentation of you and anything you want us to know? im a nice dude

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