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Post  Wizzie on Mon Jul 27, 2009 3:04 pm

Personal Information
Real Name:Carl Backman
Country: Sweden
At what hours are you available for raiding: If I just know i gonna raid a day before so i can comform my real life i am available every day in the week.

Character Information
Character name: Wizzie
Character Class/Spec: Mage Arcane/Fire
Played Time: 25 days
Professions: 450 Alchemy/Herbalism
Secondary Skills: Cooking/Fishing/First aid
Armory link:
Previous Guild(s): Genesis
Why did you leave your previous guild? I didnt fit in there

Raiding Information
What was the last Boss you killed in progress? Ignis
How would you feel if you wiped for 2 hours in a row while progressing? I have no problems with that unless its Flame Leviathan we wiping on.
What raiding experience do you have? Naxx 10/25 Ulduar 10/25 like the 5 first bosses in ulduar , but know tacts on almost everyone.
How would you describe yourself as a player in three words? Active, Generous,Positive

Where do you feel you can improve the most when it comes to raiding? Firespec rotations

Miscellaneous information
Why do you want to join UMM?Seems like a nice guild with good progress.
What do you expect out of UMM? That is someone accept a raid on the calendar, they'll show up.
Do you know anyone in UMM, if so who? Icescreen and Crusadeforce abit Razz
Alts and what guild they belong to: On this server i just have one alt , a lvl 39 druid in the guild Norrlands Guild.
Have you read & do you agree with our rules? Yes i agree
Short presentation of you and anything you want us to know?(Most important question) I dont like to jump between diffrent guild , I want to know the guys im raiding with .And i think this is a friendly guild and i will be the same Smile


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