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Post  Gretir on Thu Jul 17, 2008 5:38 pm

UMM is a international guild based on friendly and caring members. Our intentions with this guild are to provide end game content while still being able to maintain the warm feeling of a smaller guild. Generally its the person behind the character that counts, not items and numbers.

There are some things we ask from our members:

* The ability to speak English
* Wear the guild name with great honor and respect
* Have respect for other guild members and players
* Help in the expansion of the guild
* Help guild members and help with guild events
* Knowledge about all the rules in the guild
* No begging inside or outside the guild
* No scamming of other players
* Log in on the forum regularly
* Please use common-sense & curtsy
* Any racism or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated

Guild Chat

The guild chat is the vein that keep us alive. Please do not use language that people might find offensive in there - don't swear, don't shout. Remember that we are a multicultural guild with members of various ages and nationalities. Do not use words like n00b, WTF, FFS - you get the idea, I'm sure.=)

Voice chat

Voice chat is a very useful tool for us especially in raids & PvP - Please remember that the same rules apply for voice chat as for Guild chat - be considerate to other people listening & talking in it.


The Officers reserve the right to kick/ban anyone from the community if they feel anyone has violated these simple rules.

Bottom Line is...If you whine like a bitch you will be treated like a bitch!!!

Please feel free to contact an Officer if you have any issues.



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