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Post  Gretir on Wed Jul 30, 2008 3:29 pm

Please note that whilst we choose to raid & are progressing nicely we do not consider raiding to be our primary goal - first and foremost will always be the welfare of our members - when you join us, you join a community of friends. =)

Please make sure you read our Guild Rules if you feel that these rules are fair and that you can live within them, then please fill in an application form -

Please make a new post directly in the "Applications" with your character's name, class and level as a subject & the application form below as a guide

(i.e. <nameOfCharacter>, Mage, 70>
Minimum Requirements to enter the Guild

We require you to be motivated and dedicated and also keep that attitude throughout long hours of wiping. Do not crack down if you receive criticism and do not fight back if you know you might be wrong. Keep your integrity and you will earn your respect in this guild as a player. Bottom line is...Whining is for Bitches! Not for UMM members.

- You must be prepared to raid at odd hours sometimes while progressing, specially on weekends. This means that eventually we could arrange a raid for 11:00 AM on a sunday, stop at 3:00 PM and start over again at 9:00 PM finishing at 02:00 AM.;

- You must be dressed with at least Karazhan & badge gear fully socked and enchanted.Don't bother applying if you're dressed with greenies and/or your gear is missing any improve, like gems and enchants for instance;

- You have to be 16+ years old. If you are not 16 tell us why your age isn't a problem for the progress of the Guild;

- We only accept chars that are level 70;

- Exalted with important factions is a plus;

- It is highly recomended that you have your professions at 375 skill. First Aid MUST be at 375 skill;

- It is good that you have your talents in a way to better serve guild's purpose in raids, and, if needed it's good that you can respec for the guild;

It's important that you are honest when you fill your application. Remember we do not prioritize "all epic, cleared every instance, imba" type of player. Its more important that you share our values and that you are a good in game friend. But of course we want you to be serious when it comes to raiding and to be able to play your character. And also remember, your application is where you give us the first impression.

Classes we need at the moment

Warriors : High
Priest: High
Druid: High
Paladin: High
Warlock : High
Mage: High
Shaman: High

All quality applications will be analysed, even though, the class is Full.

The applications will be analysed by the officers in the guild by a minimum of 3 days (can take more time), and meanwhile we may contact you to ask for more information. When our decision is made we will post on the forum and/or we will contcat you in the game!


If you are accepted in the guild you'll get "Trial" rank during a minimum of 3 weeks. Then the Officers and Veterans of the guild will decide if you should get promoted to member or if you should stay "trial" for more time, or in the worst cases if you should get a Guild kick.

We wish you the best luck.

Please answer all the Questions.

Application form

Personal Information
Real Name:
At what hours are you available for raiding:

Character Information
Character name:
Character Class/Spec:
Played Time:
Secondary Skills:
Armory link:
Previous Guild(s):
Why did you leave your previous guild?

Raiding Information
What was the last Boss you killed in progress?
How would you feel if you wiped for 2 hours in a row while progressing?
What raiding experience do you have?
How would you describe yourself as a player in three words?
Where do you feel you can improve the most when it comes to raiding?

Miscellaneous information
Why do you want to join UMM?
What do you expect out of UMM?
Do you know anyone in UMM, if so who?
Alts and what guild they belong to:
Have you read & do you agree with our rules?
Short presentation of you and anything you want us to know?(Most important question)

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