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Looting when Raiding Empty Looting when Raiding

Post  Gretir on Fri Jul 18, 2008 12:40 pm

Our loot rules are based on the two words that we try to live by - common-sense & common-courtesy.

* When an item drops, the talent spec. & class that that item is most suited for are considered, if the drop is obviously suited to a particular spec. or class then they get priority on the roll for that item. Note that talent spec. is more important than class here - if healing gear drops, then healers get first dibs, likewise dps gear goes to dps first, and tanking gear to tanks. If an item is equally suited to more than one class or spec. then they both may roll for it. We do not wish to be overly restrictive here, and would rather error on the side of freedom - most loot is fairly obvious though.

* We consider that cloth should first & foremost go to cloth wearers, leather to leather & so on.. However, this is secondary to talent spec., what this means is that, for example, healing cloth would first be considered for healing cloth wearers, if non wanted it, then it would be considered for other healers, if they don't want it either, then it would be considered for off spec. healers, then dps cloth & then for everyone else.

Note that if someone has respecc'ed to help the raid out, then they can still be considered to be their primary spec for the purposes of looting - ie a Shadow Priest that's specc'ed Holy because the raid needed extra healing, would still have priority on dps cloth if he wished.

* Melee gets first dibs on melee weapons, ranged on ranged.

* If the master looter decides to restrict the rolling for an item, you can, of course make a case for the item not to be restricted, however their decision is final.

* If the use of an item is not obvious, then we roll (/roll) for it. We would like everyone to consider their fellows here however, if it's a tiny upgrade for you and a huge one for someone else, it's nice that they get the item (and who knows, by not rolling on a small upgrade, you might get a bigger one later in the raid).

* If the raid feels that a restriction is wrong for a particular item, or that the item should go to a particular person, then the raid can make a special case for that item - the master looter's decision is final here though, of course.

We want loot to be fairly distributed throughout the raid & our members!

If you have a comment about our rules, or feel that they can be improved, please feel free to contact an Officer.



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